Princess Mini-Box

Princess Mini-Box

Calling all Princesses! Let your little ones feel utterly regal for the day with our 'PRINCESS PARTY BOX'.  Perfect for a small family celebration at home.


Each box contains: 


  • 4 sets of wooden cutlery
  • 4 Round paper plates 
  • 4 Small plates 
  • 8 Paper napkins
  • 4 Paper cups 
  • 1 Tulle Princess cape 
  • 4 Party bags
  • 4 Paper Straws
  • Set of 12 Birthday Cake Candles
  • 12 Latex Balloons


Don't waste time on searching & co-ordinating everything for your party! Our party boxes have been expertly sourced & carefully put together to ensure you have everything you need for a dreamy Princess Party set up.


Each box comes with a 'How To' guide with simple tips for the ultimate Princess Party.